The guidelines (rules, if you will) for the Author Blog Challenge are minimal. Mostly, they are suggestions. We know you’re busy writers, so we’re not going to demand participation. The goal is for you to post as often as possible, simply because the more you post, the more you will benefit.

The NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge runs from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, October 28 to 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, November 17. All times are PDT.


ALL authors are welcome!

  • Authors. Published and unpublished, fiction and nonfiction, traditionally published and self-published, eBook and paper book authors are welcome.
  • Authors-in-progress. Writers who are in the process of writing their books but are not yet there.
  • Would-be authors. People who’ve thought about writing a book, but haven’t yet begun for whatever reason.

Please visit the REGISTRATION page to sign up to take part in the Author Blog Challenge.

This one is strictly up to you. It’s a 21-day challenge, and the more often you post, the more you will benefit from participating. Those who post each day will be entered into a daily drawing (for the duration of the challenge) for a free giveaway. To qualify, your posts must be a minimum of 250 words. Your Author Blog Challenge posts must also be new writing. You can refurbish a prior post, if you like, but please be sure to make it current by adding something new. (PLEASE: NO EXACT DUPLICATES OF POSTS THAT HAVE APPEARED ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB! This is better for your readers and a MUST for your SEO and ours!)

No, we don’t possess secret ninja mindreading skills, so you will have to LET US KNOW that you’ve posted. The fastest, easiest way to do this is by joining our Facebook group and posting links to your new posts there. Please make sure your links go directly to the day’s blog entry, not just the general URL for your blog. We will do a daily recap of the best posts right here on the ABC blog and on the Publishing & Book Promotion blog, so you will get extra exposure.

We will be posting and sending a daily e-mail with a topic of the day; however, you are free to post on any topic you like that is related to your book. You can post about your writing process, research, marketing, challenges, etc. The goal is for every participant to contribute and to learn in this shared community environment. If you’ve got a tip that’s worked well for you, please share it! If you’re having a particular challenge and you post about it, perhaps another participant has an answer for you.

Participation is the best way you can benefit! Post as often as possible. Tell us about your posts. Read other bloggers’ posts and comment, both on their blogs and in the Facebook group. Retweet them. Share the challenge with other authors in your circle. Donate a free giveaway for additional exposure.

Go to the form on the REGISTRATION page. When you register, you will have the option to donate a digital item. It can be anything of your choosing that offers value to the winner but is not exclusively a marketing tool (i.e., don’t give away a marketing piece that talks exclusively about your book without actually having any content from your book in it). Examples include: a sample chapter, an old title you’d like to recirculate, a white paper about your area of expertise, an interesting quiz that will benefit the reader, a video, a podcast. Your giveaway will go to TWO people only (the daily winner and the overall winner), but your blurb about your giveaway and a link to your blog will be posted on the GIVEAWAYS page. Make sure to include your contact info somewhere in your giveaway so the winner can follow up with you.

Make sure to have some! The more enthusiasm and energy you bring to the Author Blog Challenge, the more likely you will be to participate, write posts your readers LOVE and will want to share, tell others, and enjoy yourself. Of course, we can’t force you to have a good time – we just hope it’s an ancillary benefit to hanging out with so many other cool authors.

If we’ve missed anything or failed to explain it properly, please post your questions in the Comments section below.

74 thoughts on “Guidelines”

  1. I just registered and am excited for this challenge to start.

  2. Is this 2 June in northern or southern hemisphere?

  3. susankinchenquirk said:

    Thank you so much for this. I was searching for something to write about as I move from being a Lifestyle blogger to writing about my journey into the world of novel writing.

    This will be perfect for me.

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