Here is a list of those who’ve signed up to participate in the Winter Author Blog Challenge, in chronological order of their registration.



1.   Laura Orsini** Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven
2.   Joshua Hoyt** Josh Hoyt
3.   Brenda Miller** Praise the Lord of My Life and The Pooch Tales
4.   Barbara Chatzkel** The Body Language Pro
5.   Simone Fortier A Pain-Free Life Now
6.   Amy Bovaird Amy’s Adventures
7.   Virginia Williams** Rosepoint Publishing
8.   Beth Kozan** Beth
9.   Christina Weigand Palace of Twelve Pillars
10. Rita Goldner** Orangutan Blog
11. Mary Ellen Stepanich** D Is For Dysfunctional
12. Bill Soroka** Habit Daddy
13. Wendy Lowden Words From a Woodcarver’s Daughter
14. Kathy Page Waiting for Fireflies
15. Linzé Brandon Butterfly on a Broomstick
16. Shanan Winters** Interpreter of Inspiration
17. Ashley Howland All Things Writing
18. Kebba Buckley Button** Kebba Buckley Button Speaks
19. Lori Beasley Bradley** My Writing
20. Caroline Ness caronessauthor
21. Melissa Gijsbers Melissa Writes
22. Sandi Tuttle An Average Woman in a Superwoman World
23. Blair Schweiger Blair Necessities
24. Dayna Camp Grace to Live Today
25. Susan Kinchen The Quirky Philosopher
26. Merlene Fawdry @MerleneFawdry 
27. Laura Hile Faith, Hope, Laughter, and Happily Ever After
28. Susan Wheelan Reading Upside Down
29. Robert Moore Romo Publishing

** Members of the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup

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