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Day 18 of the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge: Who’s your perfect marketing partner?

Authoring a book is usually a solo endeavor. Successful book marketing, on the other hand, is necessarily a group project. You can’t do it well without a team. Choosing who will be on your team is an essential part of your marketing planning. Where can you build alliances that will benefit you and the other?

puzzle-piecesDAILY PROMPT

Each day, we have a prompt upon which the authors may base their posts – or they may opt to write on the topics of their choice.

The Day 18 prompt is:

Who would be the perfect person/company/organization to partner with to sell your book? It might be another author, a performer, a shop owner, a seminar facilitator, a teacher, etc. Pretty much, the answer to this question is limited only by your imagination. How will you reach out to that person/company/organization? What’s the hook for your pitch?

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Happy partnering!