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Day 14 of the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge: What kind of class could you teach?

In order to teach something, you’ve got to be pretty good at it, right? At least more familiar with the topic than the people you’ll be teaching. If you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and/or money developing the knowledge and message you’ve shared in your book, teaching a class about that knowledge is a natural next step that can really help you establish credibility and expand your following.



Each day, we have a prompt upon which the authors may base their posts – or they may opt to write on the topics of their choice.

The Day 14 prompt is:

One great way to market your book(s) is by teaching a class or a seminar. The topics may be more obvious for a nonfiction author, but a fiction author can teach, too! Character development, planning a writing schedule, world building, to name just a few. What class or seminar could you develop in order to share your expertise and expand your platform?

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Here’s to sharing through teaching!