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RECAP Day 5 – NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge


Opposite ends of the spectrum

Today I will be having lunch at the Wrigley Mansion. Sounds all high falutin until you find out they have a restaurant that’s open to the public. Then I’ll be joining a friend for dinner at the Tennessee Grill in Anthem, Ariz. It’s a v-e-r-y casual barbecue place, pretty much the polar opposite of the Wrigley Mansion.


tennessee-grillI learned a long time ago the importance of being able to go anywhere and be at ease, whether it’s a fancy-shmancy ball or a street festival with food trucks. People are people, and if you’re trying to market your book, the more diverse people you meet, the better the chance you’ll encounter your ideal reader – or someone who KNOWS your ideal reader and is willing to make an introduction.


Jack Dermody, author of the Personality as a Second Language blog, has an interesting insight on the need to be famous to sell memoir:

I would love to emulate Julie Powell’s blockbuster Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. She focused on one single exciting year in her life. That gives me hope because Julie did not have to survive cancer, an abusive father, the slums of New York, a violent husband, social shaming, a concentration camp, or North Korean torture. Neither have I. She did not lead the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team or find a cure for death. I won’t do anything great like that either.

Author Ashley Howland prefers to be unique:

I think I’d rather be unique. Maybe a picture would work – they are apparently worth 1000 words. I could describe my writing like this:











Each day’s bloggers in the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge are eligible for a drawing for a lovely gift from one of their fellow bloggers. Today’s lucky WINNER is Jeanette Chaplin, who will receive an ebook copy of The Jungle Survival Guide to Media Kits for Authors from the author, Patti Hultstrand.

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We’ll check in with you again tomorrow. Until then, keep writing!




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