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Day 6 of the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge: About that platform…

When you first undertake to write a book and then realize that virtually all the authorz platformmarketing will fall to you, you tend to one of several things:

  • Buck up and decide to learn all you can.
  • Read a blog post here and attend a seminar there, hoping magic fairy dust will somehow be involved.
  • Bury your head in the laptop and keep writing, because marketing, who needs it?!

If you’re going to write a book that anyone besides your mom and your best friend will buy, you’ll need a platform. Today’s post asks the authors to think about what they’re doing to grow theirs.


Each day, we have a prompt upon which the authors may base their posts – or they may opt to write on the topics of their choice.

The Day 6 prompt is:

As an author, your platform is your building block to an audience. It’s where you’re showing up on a regular basis, whom you’re influencing, who knows you, who’s following you, who’s talking about you, who’s waiting for that (next) book to come out. What are the three most important things you are presently doing to grow your platform? What are three new steps you will undertake in the first quarter of 2017 to shake things up a bit?

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We’ll check in daily for a recap of the prior day’s best blog entries.

Here’s to a building a super-sturdy platform!