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RECAP Day 1 – NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge


Admittedly, it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride getting the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge off the ground. What seem like simple instructions turn out to be not-so-simple. But we’re getting there, and the blog posts are rolling in.


As has been our pattern for the past Author Blog Challenges, we’re recapping the best of each days’ posts. Usually it’s the morning (8 a.m.-11 a.m. PST) after the prior day’s posts go up. Alas – hey, did I mention it’s been a bit of a bumpy start?

So, better late than never, as I sometimes say.


Shanan Winters shared some great info about writing those pitches with hooks that catch you reader’s attention:

Key concepts about pitching:

1. An elevator pitch is a two-way conversation.

2. Don’t be so married to your pitch that you can’t change it up.

3. If they’re not interested, know the pitches for your friends’ books.

Jean Lauzier also had a great piece of advice:

Hooks must cause the reader to ask questions. And those questions must drive the reader to continue to the next line, the next paragraph, the next page, the next chapter.


Each day’s bloggers in the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge is eligible for a drawing for a lovely gift from one of their fellow bloggers. Today’s lucky WINNER is Jack Dermody, who will receive a copy of Beth Kozan‘s ebook, Adoption: More than by Chance.

Please be sure to check out our bloggers’ posts for Day 2 here: http://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=marciebrock&postid=29Oct2016a.

We’ll check in with you again tomorrow – earlier in the day, I promise!




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