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Day 1 of the NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge: Share your 30-second elevator pitch

Here we are again  – kicking off the 2016 NO EXCUSES 3-Week Author Blog Challenge.


Welcome to all the newbies – and welcome back to the authors who have participated in past challenges! Additionally, we welcome and thank all the readers who are simply along for the ride. Our blog would have no purpose if not for our great readers!

Want to take a brief moment to dedicate this entire Challenge to Sandi Tuttle – one of sandy-tuttleour inaugural bloggers and a truly inspirational woman. Though she titled her blog An Average Woman in a Superwoman World, Sandi was anything but average. Sadly, she passed away in January after a recurring bout of cancer. I lost my sister the following month, so it was a difficult time, to be sure. At any rate, Sandi always had a smile, a kind word, and a loving thought for all who crossed her path. I knew her only through the Author Blog Challenge and Facebook, but she’s one of those people who just stick. So this Challenge is for you – wherever you are – Sandi!


Each day, we have a prompt upon which the authors may base their blogs – or they may opt to write on the topics of their choice.

The Day 1 prompt is:

Having a hook is one of the keys to successfully marketing your book. What is your 30-second elevator pitch? And whom would you most like to give it to?

AUTHORS – use the link below to add your October 28th post to our list!

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If you’re just learning about the Challenge for the very first time, don’t let the late hour sign-me-updeter you from joining! Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM, read the Guidelines, and begin blogging away! You’ll qualify for the contest to win a $35 gift card to the bookstore of your choice IF you back-post for all the days you’ve missed so far AND add your name to the MisterLinky for each date. Details will be sent via email upon your registration.

We’ll check in nightly for a recap of the day’s best blog entries.

To getting the best feedback possible!