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Day 35 of the Author Blog Challenge: How will you keep the momentum going?

LAST PROMPT and post for this Author Blog Challenge!!

The Day 35 prompt asks our authors what they will do to continue the momentum they have built. This contest is the opportunity for our author participants to challenge themselves to post on their blogs for the 35 days in a row. Thanks so much to all who are READING our blog posts!

keep up the momentum

Each day, we have a prompt upon which the authors may base their blogs – or they may opt to write on the topics of their choice.

The Day 35 prompt is:

What are you going to do to keep the blogging momentum going? What plans do you have to continue your connection with other Author Blog Challenge participants and the new readers you’ve generated for your blog?

AUTHORS – use the link below to add your October 17th post to our list!

READERS, thank you so much for sticking with us! As my thank you, if you email me and tell me your favorite post(s) you’ve read throughout the Author Blog Challenge, I will gift you a copy of my special report, “138 Tips to Help You Blog Like  a Pro.”

I really will get to the recaps now that the Challenge is over and I have time to breathe!

To getting the best feedback possible!