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Day 4 RECAP: Who are your writing role models and mentors?


For Day 4, we asked our bloggers to comment on their writing role models, influencers, and mentors. Some gorgeous writing came out of this one! The bloggers are free to write to this prompt, or to write on topics of their choice. Here is just a small sample…

CARO NESS – Caro Ness Author

Poet Caro Ness shared “Poppies.”

A field of poppies
And stretching out of sight
Each flower reminding me
Of the many who loved
And lost their lives.

© Caro Ness 2015

Visit her blog to see the image that evoked these beautiful words.


pencil 2

MERLENE FAWDRY – @MerleneFawdry

“My writing has been influenced by every book I’ve read, every author leaving their mark in one way or another, but if I was to nominate one it would have to be Henry Lawson (1867-1922), the master story teller and the poet who had the ability to expose the soul of people and the texture of life.”

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BLAIR SCHWEIGER – Blair Necessities

“There was a bookstore that we frequented (libraries were not all that common in Ecuador in those days) and the owner would let me sit in a … cozy room with a beehive fireplace on a comfortable chair. To appease the expatriate crowd the bookstore owner, Heinrich, would order books in all kinds of languages. It was where the adult artist intellectuals would gather and talk and their children would huddle and read while they waited. I found all of my early favorite books here.

Please see the rest of our authors’ blog links and read them! They’re really good…

To continued learning and improvement!



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