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Day 3 RECAP: Writing classes, programs, and workshops…

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The Day 3 prompt invited a discussion about writing classes, programs, and workshops. As they are welcome to do, some ABC participants wrote on the topic; others wrote on topics of their choice. Here is just a small sample…

MARY ELLEN STEPANICH – Mary Ellen Stepanich, PhD

“With a firm determination, I vowed to wear a pedometer and count my steps daily, with the goal of increasing them until I reached 10,000 steps per day and lose my ‘saddlebags.’ So, the first thing I did was to search through my kitchen junk drawer because I knew I had tossed one or two in there over the years.


“What I found there were SIX pedometers of various sizes – all of which had dead batteries. So, I guess I’ll have to postpone my walking until I can get to the store to buy another one with a fresh battery already installed. My rationale is that the cost of a new pedometer would be very little more than the price of a special battery – which I probably wouldn’t know how to install anyway.”


RITA GOLDNER – Orangutan Blog

“Today’s prompt, about classes/workshops I’ve taken to hone my skills as an author and the classes/workshops I’ve taught, got me thinking about teaching and learning, which I consider part of the same cycle. I started my journey with an 8-week class taught by Molly Idle who later became a Caldecott honor winner. Molly wanted everyone to write and illustrate his/her own book. I was comfortable with illustrating, and my pictures were colorful and whimsical, appropriate for a kid audience. I was weak in writing skills, and my narrative was stilted and didactic, which does NOT work for kids. We learned that a picture book author can write a manuscript, and if accepted, the publisher will find an illustrator. The reverse is not true, a publisher won’t accept a sketchy story idea, with pictures, from an illustrator and then find an author to write it well. If I wanted to create picture books, I had to polish my writing skills. I signed up for Molly’s advanced 8-week course, and by the end I was hooked!”


BETH KOZAN – Beth Kozan

“I proposed a workshop to teach other adoption workers at a national adoption conference [a] technique of journaling. I called the workshop ‘Swimming with Alligators – When You Just Can’t Get It Off Your Mind…’  I practiced on my staff; I practiced on a group of other professionals. I was ready to go national. It was fun!


“Over the years, I have attended expensive, weeklong workshops and I have attended ones that charged almost no fees. The value, I find, is never relative to the cost. The true value has more to do with the energy I put into the workshop.“

Please see the rest of our authors’ blog links and read them! They’re really good…

To continued learning and improvement!



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