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Day 2 RECAP: When did you start writing?

memory lane

The Day 2 prompt asked the participants in the Author Blog Challenge to take a walk down memory lane and talk about how they got into writing in the first place. Some talked about their earliest writing memories. Here is just a small sample…

ASHLEY HOWLAND – All Things Writing

“Writing is a hobby for me, it’s an outlet, but one I love to share with others. Especially kids. I write children’s books and love hearing from the kids that read my books. As a teacher this is another great way for me to connect with my students. We share books, authors and ideas. We even write stories together.'”

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SANDI TUTTLE – An Average Woman in a Superwoman World

“Once I had mastered the mechanics of writing letters, I found that I really loved writing down things that I saw and felt. I had journals and diaries, like most adolescent girls. I always did well in English classes when it came to writing. (Unfortunately, grammar was another story.) My love of writing stayed with me and supported me throughout my entire high school journey, despite the usual distractions and problems all kids that age face.

“It has been many years since I was that young or that trusting. My ability to write has helped me in all the jobs I have had. I can write about other people’s experiences easily but somewhere along the way I found I had walled up my ability to write about things in my heart. I spent years supporting myself by writing in a corporate environment. Sadly, writing became a tool, not a treat. The magic was gone.”

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SHANAN WINTERS – Interpreter of Inspiration

“I love those stories you hear about aspiring-writers-turned-famous-novelist because they had long commutes on the train to their shit jobs that they no longer work. They sit behind a panel of interview microphones reminiscing about the hours they spent on uncomfortable plastic bench seats pounding out 700 page tomes on old laptops.

“I very nearly took a job downtown just so I could ride the public transportation in an effort to carve out writing time.

“Then I remembered: That is so not my life.”

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To your best writing memories!



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