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When it comes to publishing your book, your platform is more than the stage you stand on to give your readings. To quote a Marcie Brock post:

If you are unfamiliar with the term “platform” as it relates to the publishing world, it’s time to get familiar with it! An author’s platform is his/her ability to reach their audience of book-buyers, or their plan to do so. It is a measure of your EXISTING INFLUENCE and your ABILITY TO SELL to your market. This is why celebrities find it much easier to land book deals than unknown writers they already have a built-in audience.

The thing about growing a platform is that it’s kind of a cruel joke, because the moreMarcie on a platform famous you already are, the easier it is for a publisher to take notice of you. For example, how many publishers would give their left arms to be able to add Stephen King to their stables of authors? And how much money will they spend on the marketing and displays for the next E.L. James book? Authors who – for good or ill – do not need the support get it because they are already known quantities.

But once upon a time, these blockbuster authors were just Joe and Joanna Average. Then they caught a break and their books burst through, catapulting them onto a perhaps emptier stage than the one you’re trying to conquer. Read the biography of your favorite famous author if you want the details. The point is that you probably don’t have those kinds of resources at your disposal – yet.

Blogging can help you get there. And blogging every day for 35 straight days can begin to give you that kind of exposure, especially if you’ve got good social media running in tandem with your blog. Publishing insiders are on Twitter in HUGE numbers. LinkedIn is a great place to demonstrate your writing chops! Answer questions to achieve expert status on Quora.

If you’re looking for increased exposure for your book, your writing, your person – a blog may just be the vehicle to help you do it! You don’t have to be a published author to come on board – but you’ll get more out of the Challenge if you’re already at least thinking about the book you will write.

We’ll be providing a daily prompt, or you can write on any topic of your choice. It’ll be YOUR blog where you’re posting, after all.

This is a 35-day challenge, so if you fully commit, you’ll have lots of opportunity for to get in front of new readers and GROW. YOUR. PLATFORM! Read the guidelines here, and if you have something to donate for the daily giveaway, please be sure to make note of it on your REGISTRATION FORM.

In the  meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email: ABC@writemarketdesign.com.

Looking forward to reading all of your excellent posts!

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