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Blog challenge benefit: Repurpose your content later!

So you enter the 5-Week Author Blog Challenge and you make it all the way through day 35. Now you’ve got a boatload of new content, so what else can you do with it?


The folks over at BufferSocial offer a list of 14 ways you can reuse the content from your blog to increase your reach and visibility, and presumably, grow your author platform. Understand that these are super-skilled social media experts, so not every idea will necessarily resonate with you. But even if you implemented a handful, you’d get more mileage out of your material and see a bump in your visibility.

  1. Update older blog posts with new information, graphics.
  2. Create SlideShares.
  3. Republish content to Medium.
  4. Republish content to LinkedIn.
  5. Republish content to Quora
  6. Create video content from blog posts.
  7. Create audio content from blog posts.
  8. Create ebooks based on your blog posts.
  9. Create new email drip campaigns based on your blog posts.
  10. Build an MVP version of a learning center for greater discoverability of posts.
  11. Create infographics.
  12. Create Pinterest images.
  13. Bundle tools posts into Product Hunt collections.
  14. Use posts to experiment with email communication.

Let’s create lots of content during the Challenge and inform the world!

The 5-Week Author Blog Challenge is hosted by Laura Orsini and her alter ego, Marcie Brock, of the Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven
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