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Blog challenge benefit: Get more readers!


If you fully commit to a blog challenge, you may be posting a LOT more frequently than you normally do. This requires dedication, focus, and organization. The good news is that we’ll be providing prompts for you to use so you needn’t come up with your own topic grow your platformevery day, unless you want to.

Presumably, if you’re taking place in the AUTHOR Blog Challenge, you are an author — or would like to be one day soon. If you’re already published and are looking to grow your platform and readership, participating in a blog challenge can do just that. Here’s why.

Unless you’re babysitting your SEO and adding new content constantly, your regular old website probably doesn’t attract too many new viewers or readers. However, a regularly updated blog can generate a constant stream of new eyeballs from around the world. The quality of your posts will determine whether those visitors keep coming back, share your posts with others, or give you the grand daddy of all compliments by tweeting (or retweeting) your posts.

When you write rich, deep blog posts that intrigue your prospective readers and/or help them solve a problem, they perceive you as trustworthy, accessible, and someone they want to keep reading. If they want more than you can offer in a blog post, they may want to buy your book.

Don’t enter the Author Blog Challenge with your sole goal being to sell more books. Look to expand your reach, grow your platform, and introduce yourself to prospective new readers. Then, keep writing and keep following up!

The 5-Week Author Blog Challenge is hosted by Laura Orsini and her alter ego, Marcie Brock, of the Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven
blog. Register TODAY! All who register for the 5-Week Author Blog Challenge will receive a complimentary copy of Laura’s special report: “138 Tips to Help You Blog Like a Pro.”