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Winter Author Blog Challenge – Writing Prompt #11 and Recap of Day 10

Twenty-four Squidooooooooooooooo…

LOVE the participation in the Winter Author Blog Challenge! Even the old pros are being introduced to new social networking platforms and getting new ideas for marketing their books. That’s the whole idea! If you like what’s happening here, please tell your friends! We’ll do this again in August … so let folks know it’s coming.

Yesterday’s prompt was a little more accessible to a lot of you…

Are you on GoodReads? It seems a pretty obvious place for authors to hang goodreadsout, yet I’m not sure authors are using it to quite the maximal benefit. If you are on GoodReads, how often do you visit/use the site? How often do you update your reading list? What other kinds of things do you post? Are you finding yourself using it the way social media was intended: to create a community? If you are NOT on GoodReads, have you made a deliberate choice to skip it? What other mechanisms do you utilize for meeting other readers/writers/authors? How else could you begin to create your very own community? Share your GoodReads profile with us.


MERLENE FAWDRY. I’ve been on GoodReads since 2009. It is a good place for writers and readers to hang out but I, like many others I suspect, do not use it to maximum benefit – notice I have found a way to avoid pointing out once again how intention has not met expectations. READ MORE HERE.

Merlene, I could well relate to your periodic use of GoodReads and wondering what happened since last time. Kind of like noticing a new building that’s gone up on a corner you haven’t passed in a while. Thanks for sharing. LO

Kebba and Alana wrote on other topics.

KEBBA BUCKLEY BUTTON. There are many ways we can participate in peace ministry.  Today, I had an extraordinary experience.  I took a group to a showing of the film, Jun-Ai.  The film tells the story of Japanese settlers abandoned in China, the day Japan surrendered at the end of World War II; in it, one of the Japanese women changes the lives of all she meets, gradually, through patience, love, and kindness. READ MORE HERE.

Loving your peace series, Kebba! LO

ALANA MAUTONE. What does a former British rock group that formed in 1968 and disbanded many years ago have to do with the U.S. Civil War? Two weeks ago, when I was researching my Civil War Sunday blog post, I visited a couple of newspaper and magazine websites and read some Civil War related articles.

Have you ever noticed what happens when someone writes an article about the United States Civil War (or any other subject), posts it online and allows comments on the article? Allowing people to comment on newspaper and magazine articles online is a form of social media I could normally do without. … When you read the comments on Civil War articles, it quickly becomes obvious that we, the American people, are still fighting the Civil War that officially ended in 1865.  Usually, within 5 or 6 comments, the posting people, North vs. South, are going at it with a ferocity that makes you wonder if this war, 152 years old in our hearts and minds, will ever end. But this time, in one of the comment sections, there was a difference. READ MORE HERE.

Every bit as intriguing as it sounds, Alana! LO


Revisit the Mister Linky site to see links to ALL of DAY 10 posts.


Congratulations to Ashley Howland, winner of the drawing for Day 10 of the Winter Author Blog Challenge. She has won a copy of Merlene Fawdry’s My Magdalen Home, which can be reviewed at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/288361. Thanks so much for the donation, Merlene! We’ll email Ashley with info about claiming her prize.


Forward! Here we go with the Day 11 writing prompt for the Winter Author Blog Challenge…

Do you have a Squidoo lens? Founded by Seth Godin, Squidoo is a popular ROCKETSQUID_rocketeer2free site that enables users to create single webpages (known as lenses) about their interests and recommendations. Users can even earn money for charity or themselves. The credibility-building potential rivals Quora, but unlike question-answering sites, Squidoo users are free to create content of their choosing. The SEO rankings are quite high – but it remains incumbent upon the site’s users to double-check the veracity of information provided. Challenge questions: What are the benefits to using sites like Quora and Squidoo for building credibility? What can they offer that your website or blog doesn’t already do? How could this help you sell more books? If you are on Squidoo, remember share the link to your favorite lens.


In order to qualify for today’s drawing, you MUST post your link on our Linky. Click the image below to access it. In the field that says YOUR NAME, you write your name AND the name of your post (not the title of your blog). In the field that says YOUR URL, include your link to TODAY’s post. Your post will not count for drawings and toward overall winner if you do not add your link to the Linky page. However, we still encourage you to share your posts on the wall for the Author Blog Challenge Facebook group.

As we head into the last few days of the WABC, we continue to encourage you to read each others’ blogs. The Author Blog Challenge works because you support each other by reading, promoting, sharing, and talking up the great posts you come across from your fellow participants. See who among you is already on Squidoo and connect with them!

Let the blogging continue!

Laura & Marcie


The Winter Author Blog Challenge is hosted by Laura Orsini and her alter ego, Marcie Brock, of the Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven blog. Please visit Marcie’s blog for loads of great info about low- to no-cost methods of marketing for self-publishing authors.