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Winter Author Blog Challenge – Writing Prompt #7 and Recap of Day 6

You’re on YouTube, I’m on YouTube, everyone’s on YouTube, right?

Well, I hope you’re still having fun, because we’re almost halfway through the Winter Author Blog Challenge! In the next few days, we’ll be heading into some lesser known social media waters, so get your explorer hat on and let’s have some fun!

Yesterday’s topic was YouTube.

youtube-logoWith more than 800 million unique visitors a month, YouTube is one of the most popular search engines. Do you have a YouTube channel? Have you made a book trailer for your book? If not, what kind of book trailer would you like to make for your book? Do you have a video camera? If you do and you’re not posting short videos, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. It’s especially useful if you’re trying to reach a global audience, as 70 percent of YouTube viewers are in countries other than the U.S. If regular video posts are still on your To-Do list, what are some of the most clever video posts you’ve seen, and how might you do something similar to promote your books or yourself as an author? Be sure to give us the link to your YouTube channel.

Wow, the YouTube topic was a big hit. A number of you wrote interesting posts about various aspects of video marketing.


Ashley Howland. Ghostnapped has a You Tube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Ghostnapped. I have my book videos on there, lots of fun. Check out how the dog in the Ghostnapped video is the wrong colour, oooppsss, not my doing. Anyway the Obi video is cool. I have also on occasion posted some videos of my dogs (of course), it’s a dog blog remember. READ MORE HERE.

Who doesn’t love dog videos, Ashley? Cute post! LO

Rundy Purdy. I call Youtube an accessory because I don’t think of it as a primary means to reach your reading audience. A trailer video for your book is most likely not going to be what catapults you into fame. Most people aren’t trawling Youtube looking for that next book trailer to share with their friends. And frankly, a lot of book trailers are pretty dull. I’m not saying don’t make a book trailer–by all means make one, and try to make it as engaging as possible. Be creative and imaginative. But to think about how Youtube will serve you as an author, you need to take that creativity beyond the confines of Youtube and the limitations of a book trailer. READ MORE HERE.

I really appreciated every piece of advice you offered in your post, Rundy. I think a lot of it is applicable across all the social platforms! LO

Toni Nelson. As an award-winning videographer, any time I see a business use video for their business I applaud them. The Knot (wedding site) uses video quite a bit. They researched their target audience (brides) and then offer them the advice and tips they need to plan the wedding of their dreams. They provide these tips via videos on their YouTube Channel. READ MORE HERE.

Tia, I got married 2 years ago (St. Patrick’s Day) and this is the first I’m hearing of The Knot. Just goes to show, we hang out online where our interests are. We had a tiny wedding in Sedona (pics here, if you’re interested), so I didn’t have a lot of use for online wedding sites. But I love that you featured the couple who founded The Knot and discussed the importance of video! LO


Revisit the Mister Linky site to see links to ALL of yesterday’s posts.


Congrats to Ellie Izzo, who has won a digital copy of The Bird,  from Jo Michaels. It’s a 53,000-word fantasy novel. Synopsis: Stormy Terrabonne’s life is about to be changed forever by a bright red cardinal. She soon finds herself being whisked away from all she’s ever known to save an entire race of people known as Trobodytes. When she’s presented to the Queen, Stormy learns how she’s expected to help: By killing an evil wizard named Bordash Bladeslinger and stopping him from cutting down the sacred trees that bind Trogon to Earth. Thanks so much for the donation, Jo! We’ll email Ellie with info about claiming her prize.


Onward to the Day 7 writing prompt for the Winter Author Blog Challenge…


Have you jumped into Google+ yet? If you are a regular user, you are still considered an early adopter, and that’s a great place to be in order to make a name for yourself while few others are – especially if men are among your target market, as most users right now are male. As marketing pro Linda Sherman puts it, “GooglePlus can give you access to influencers (i.e., other early adopters) who might not notice you elsewhere.” This is a CHALLENGE, so here’s my challenge with this prompt: If you’re USING Goolge+, tell us about your experience. If you’re NOT using Google+, don’t just write, “Blah, blah, blah I’m not using it …” and  call it a post. Do a little research. Learn one thing about Google+ that you find interesting, that might make it worth your time and effort to explore. No – I’m not suggesting you be on every social media platform, but the goal of this Challenge is to explore the various social networks, so let’s do that! And if you are on Google+, be sure to give us your link.


In order to qualify for today’s drawing, you MUST post your link on our Linky. Click the image below to access it. In the field that says YOUR NAME, you write your name AND the name of your post (not the title of your blog). In the field that says YOUR URL, include your link to TODAY’s post. Your post will not count for drawings and toward overall winner if you do not add your link to the Linky page. However, we still encourage you to share your posts on the wall for the Author Blog Challenge Facebook group.

As is our way, we continue to encourage you to read each others’ blogs. Today, make sure you connect with your fellow WABC participants on Google+. The Author Blog Challenge works because you support each other by reading, promoting, sharing, and talking up the great posts you come across from your fellow participants.

Let the blogging continue!

Laura & Marcie


The Winter Author Blog Challenge is hosted by Laura Orsini and her alter ego, Marcie Brock, of the Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven blog. Please visit Marcie’s blog for loads of great info about low- to no-cost methods of marketing for self-publishing authors.