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Author Blog Challenge – Day 25 Recap

Gratitude is an amazing thing. Long before I saw The Secret, I became aware of the power of gratitude to move mountains, especially in shifting me from a place of stuckness to a place of progress. Then I read a raft of articles and other miscellaneous writing by John Demartini (who was in The Secret) and found my theory validated. Then The Secret exploded and my personal revelation became public knowledge. Yet it amazes me how many people still remain stuck in victim thinking and worry about the things they don’t want, rather than putting some simple effort into the things that are going well.

I loved how many husbands (and Greatest Boyfriends in the World) received priority billing in the shout-outs the Author Blog Challenge participants wrote, thanking those who helped them write and publish their books!

The following excerpts are from yesterday’s posts. Please click on the author’s name to read the full post.

ALEXANDER CHERRY. Zauberei: I’d like to thank my brain tumor. Also the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive . And all the supportive emails from fans throughout the years. Tritone: Carol Test, who was the teacher of the experimental creative writing class/workshop in which Tritone was born. Nobody else has really had as much an impact, yet.


ASHLEY HOWLAND. I would like to make a big shout out to my big three. That would be my husband, Ross, and my two, daughters Maddy and Aijay. Without them I wouldn’t do any of the things I do. They make my life, hectic, overwhelming and, of course, complete. If I didn’t have them in my life, there would be nothing to write about. They are my biggest supporters and my biggest critics. My two girls are in my Obi story and they love to have us read it to them. Of course they make lots of useful statements like:

“Mum, we didn’t say that!”

“Mum, Obi can’t talk.”

“Mum, that’s silly!”

However, they love it and take great pride in telling all their teachers, friends, and friends’ parents that Mummy writes books and they’re in them!!!


MERLENE FAWDRY. The Little Mongrel – This book was written with the greatest respect to Graham, Bill, Marcia, Chum and Lynny; the raggle taggle mob of kids who came from diverse cultural and genetic backgrounds to become my brothers and sisters, and with gratitude to my children; Pauline, Julie-Anne, Karen, Heidi, Jade, James and Steven, who broke the loneliness of a solitary journey and helped me to find my unique place in life, and their partners, children and grandchildren, who have shared the travel and added a depth of love to the fabric of our family. And last, but never least, my thanks goes to my husband, Michael, who held the seed of love through a distance of forty years, while we followed our separate destinies, until we married in 2002.


JUDITH CASSIS. Five Keys have the power to unlock the door to your success—if you use them. If you leave them to collect dust in your junk drawer, you risk your book collecting dust in the unforgiving marketplace. Key #1 Visibility; Key #2 Marketing Plan; Key #3 Business Plan; Key #4 Building Your Data Base; Key #5 Hosting Events.


RACHEL EDGE. Let’s ignore the important stuff and talk about the man search. I don’t like this lifestyle I have slipped into where I am talking to lots of different people all the time. The quicker I am settled into a relationship the better. If only I didn’t have a natural love for the men my mother warned me about, I would be fine. In all honesty, though, my mother warned me away from men with large moustaches wearing leather trousers. Freddie Mercury and the guy from The Village People, then? I think I can stick to that. But why didn’t she tell me about all the lying? Where was my conversation about men only wanting one thing, even if they say they don’t, even if they promise they don’t, and even when they realise they do? … I can forgive my mother for being useless, I can forgive her for giving me absolutely no preparation for my life whatsoever, but I cannot forgive her for the lack of a heads up on men.


JO MICHAELS. I have a number of people to thank: #1 – The Greatest Boyfriend in the World – He has encouraged and believed in me from the start. It means a lot to have someone there that pushes you, gently, toward your success.  #2 – My mom. She has gone to war in my defense so many times! Without her, I would have quit writing back in middle school and never bothered to try again. #3 – My kids. I did college to show them that we can all be MORE. Without college, I would never have had the chance to hone my craft.


JEN CHATFIELD. The people who’ve helped me the most along my journey don’t read my blog. But I’m going to call them out anyway. First, of course, is my handsome and adoring husband. He’s not only allowed me the time to write, but he’s been there every step of the way, even when no one else knew. He’s listened to me gripe, complain, even rave, and always offers encouragement. That’s huge. Second, my amazing friend (and jewelry-maker extraordinaire) Chris. He’s read two drafts so far and always has great comments. So not only is he fun and talented, he is willing to hash out details and isn’t afraid to let me know his real feelings. Can’t appreciate that enough.


ALANA MAUTONE. Time for another daydream. I have been voted Upstate New York Blogger of the Year 2012. The vote was a landslide! I’m floating on a cloud. I can’t believe it. I’m pinching myself. Since this is a daydream, I have no fear of public speaking. The ceremony is at the New Floridian Diner in Brooklyn. (Who needs stuffy hotel conference rooms? Why not one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn? This is my daydream, after all.) Instead, I remember the 25th prompt of the Author Blog Challenge: “Time for some shout-outs. This may mimic your acknowledgement page, but whom would you like to publically thank for their help in creating your book or completing it to the point where it is presently?” My book is presently is a twinkle in my eye. (That was one of my Dad’s favorite expressions, describing a time when I did not yet exist.). So, instead, in this speech, I would like to thank [some] people who, no doubt, would help make my book possible.


MELISSA KHALINSKY. I have to admit, an acknowledgements page isn’t something I had thought of adding to this site. It’s now been added to my To Do List (should I have a page per book? Hmmmm…) Anyway, there are lots of people to acknowledge in getting me here. First would I would like to thank my High School English teachers. I don’t remember their names; however, I do remember them encouraging me to write anything and in a variety of styles. This helped me discover writing as a creative outlet as well as something I was/am really good at.


DOROTHY RUPPERT. It is entirely possible to have peace in the middle of a storm. Even when everything around you is in turmoil, no one can take away the peace and joy you have in your heart without your permission.

Thanks to all who posted!

Laura & Marcie


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