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Author Blog Challenge – Writing Prompt #25

I’ve been noticing a little thing in a few of the blog posts that I find interesting: links to random external sites for no apparent reason. Wikipedia is receiving the most benefit from such links, but there are others. Just because you’re writing about child labor laws in China does not mean you need to create a link to the Wikipedia entry on that topic. The only real reason to add a link to your blog is that it helps (a) promote yourself, your blog, your book, or some other product of yours, or (b) you feel it is truly necessary to further the understanding of the point you are trying to make. Outgoing links can be helpful if you’re linking to sites that are likely to link back to you; Wikipedia isn’t one of those.

It’s fine (perhaps necessary) to include a list of references, if you’ve pulled a lot of information together from external sites, but if you’re posting a story about your St. Bernard, there’s really no need to create a link to a St. Bernard site or the Wikipedia entry about the breed.

Additionally, make sure you ALWAYS have your links open in a new window. If you don’t, someone may click that enticing link and – WHOOSH – justlikethat be gone from your site forever. On most blogs, this is a matter of checking a box in the same place you’re adding the link.

Though it’s becoming rarer, you may still find yourself needing to insert a manual code to accomplish this. It’s a really simple little bit of info that you either want to commit to memory or save somewhere so you can find it when you need it.


The Day 22 prompt asked Challenge participants to describe their first book signing, either real or imagined. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with this one! Click here for the Day 22 Recap.


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Onward we go with the 25th writing prompt of the challenge…

Time for some shout-outs. This may mimic your acknowledgement page, but whom would you like to publicly thank for their help in creating your book or completing it to the point where it is presently?

Writing Prompt #24:

If your goal is to sell books, you must view your book as a business. In what ways do you treat your book as a business? Where could you improve? What resources could you leverage to improve your book business?

Writing Prompt #23:

If a Hollywood agent were to come knocking on your door with an offer to turn your book into a movie and told you that you could call all the shots, who would you have direct and star in it? Write the first paragraph of Roger Ebert’s review of your film.

Let the blogging continue!

Laura & Marcie


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