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Author Blog Challenge – Writing Prompt #15

Are you reading the posts our participants are creating for this Challenge? Many are good, but some of them are outstanding! One of my goals in creating the Challenge was to bring together authors to create community and learn from one another’s processes, mistakes, and successes. To that end, I’m sharing a clip from Chazz Chute’s June 11th post:

So what makes me want to retweet and spread the word about your blog? There are some solid rules that are universally applicable and then there’s my capricious, subjective taste. That kind of makes me sound like a prick, but everybody’s got topics that push their buttons. The words: “how to” are probably the most powerful words in a blog headline for anyone. (See the “how to” title at the top of this post? You clicked it.) Self-publishing is a new world and everyone wants a tour guide.

Want an insight into online marketing for authors? READ THIS POST!!!!!!


The editor in me had a field day with the editing prompt. Please note my self-restraint: I  made it Prompt #11. You do realize I could have made it #1 or #2, right? When it comes to the Recaps, I do my best to keep my hands off your stuff, but since I’m posting this on a blog I created, I do reserve the right to correct the tiny obvious things I see, like misspellings, run-on sentences (yes, we get a few of those), and two spaces after a period.

We’re all caught up now, so please enjoy the recaps for Day 10, Day 11, and Day 12.


If you’d like to see ALL the writing prompts that have been released to date, please visit the PROMPTS page.


Winner for Day 12 – CKay Brooks. She wins a gift from Kathi Laughman: a special report, “5 Keys to Non-Fiction Writing Success Every Time You Write.”  The report provides an overview of a 5-step writing process with an example log of more than 50 working title templates for blog posts, articles, books (chapters), and special reports. This writing process creates a framework that allows the writer to always be able to begin writing. And once a writer begins, they can soar!

Thanks to Helene Poulakou for the Day 13 donation! Once upon a time, in early 20th century Russia, a philologist named Vladimir Propp took a corpus of a few hundred folktales of his country, decomposed them in a limited number of essential “functions” and showed that all fairytales are built using these and only these components. Today, scholars and writers agree that the principles explained in Propp’s “Morphology of the Folktale” can be applied for any structured, plotted story, be it tale, myth, novel or script. This is a brief introduction to the method, as well as a deck of cards to ruffle and play with to assist you in plot building.


Onward we go with the 15th writing prompt of the challenge…

This one may take a bit of work, but I promise, it will be worth it. Find someone you know, either online or in the real world, who is a true bibliophile and interview them about their reading habits. Ask questions such as:

  • How many books do they buy per month?
  • How many do they actually read?
  • What do they read?
  • Where do they buy their books?
  • Who is their favorite author (do not take offense if it is not you – that’s not the point here).
  • What do they like about the author?
  • How often do they attend signings/readings? What do they enjoy about them?
  • If they could ask their favorite author any question, what would it be?
  • Which book has most recently surprised or delighted them?
  • Of everything they’ve read so far this year, what would they most recommend?

Writing Prompt #14:

What has been the biggest surprise about writing/publishing your book? What has been the most enjoyable or most memorable aspect?

Writing Prompt #13:

What has been the most challenging part of your book process: writing, building the book, printing, distributing, marketing, etc.? What do you wish you’d known before you began?

Let the blogging continue!

Laura & Marcie


The Author Blog Challenge is hosted by Laura Orsini and her alter ego, Marcie Brock, of the Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven blog. Please visit Marcie’s blog for loads of great info about low- to no-cost methods of marketing for self-publishing authors.