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A blog: One of the best ways for writers to get their feet wet

We recently did a post on the Marcie Brock blog about whether a blog can become a book. Answer: Of course it can!

But what if you’re a writer who’s been toying with the idea of writing a book, but you either aren’t sure where to begin or you’re just not all that confident in your writing skills? I addressed this, in part, in answer to a question by a prospective participant in the Author Blog Challenge:

I always recommend that would-be authors with many ideas go for the low-hanging fruit. What will be the easiest subject for you to complete a book about and the one you’re most likely to see through to completion?

I personally feel the second part of that question is the easier to answer: if you’ve got your message down, a good editor will make your words the best they can be.

New Author Blog Challenge participant Kathi Laughman made a very eloquent comment in answer to yesterday’s question: Why do YOU blog? In it, she addresses all of this … confusion about where to begin and uncertainty of one’s writing skills:

There is one universal element for being successful at anything and that is taking action. No matter how much we want it, think about it, study it, even yearn for it, whatever “it” is will not happen until we begin taking action to bring it into our reality.

To me that is what blogging is about and is why I do it. If you want to be a writer, you have to start writing. A blog is the best way I have found to get the ideas from my mind into a form that creates satisfaction for taking action and also helps connect me with my audience in a meaningful way. Writing does not feel overwhelming when you blog. It is inspiring and engaging. One of the best decisions I have made for myself and my business was to blog.

So there you have it. If you want to write, BEGIN. And what better place to begin than with a blog you ramp up as part of the Author Blog Challenge? Register today to make sure you don’t miss any announcements!

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